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Straight A's wew

2017-01-20 22:18:59 by Gershon

Somehow managed to pull of a semester full of A's, it was really suprising considering the fact that I was totally expecty B's/B+'s what a nice surprise 

Dont find Biden memes funny

2016-11-18 20:03:14 by Gershon

The poor guy went through so much already, his son Beau still recently passed, aswell as his previous wife and daughter, I can understand Trump memes since he loves the attention but with Biden I feel that people should just leave an old man alone

Crazy homeless dude

2016-10-23 15:11:52 by Gershon

I was taking the bus home and some random homeless dude started playing with my hair and sniffing it, I feel that my human rights have been violated


2016-10-06 18:54:18 by Gershon

It tooks days to complete I was so pissed off, ended up doing a cheap hack but after looking at it once last time I fixed a small issue and now eveything works!!! so proud of myself

Hate printers

2016-10-02 19:12:17 by Gershon

Need to print my stuff for tommorow and can't get this stupid piece of crap to work FML

Pulled my arm

2016-09-30 19:15:43 by Gershon

Went to the gym, couple of hours later arm hurts REALLY bad, barely made it through my day but can't do my work, lifes great

Shitty Sleep

2016-09-26 18:50:38 by Gershon

Honestly I can't even remember when I had a proper 8 hours of sleep, lately for the past couple of weeks I have been waking up at odd hours of the night, I honestly tried everything even going out for late runs at 3 AM and running until I physically cannot continue and when I would plop back down on my bed i'm still unable to fall asleep.

For the times when I DO manage to sleep, I get just really bad nightmare, their just so awful and at times it feels like it physically hurts me. As soon as this started, I also noticed that I lost most of my appetite, I could go for an entire day without eating anything and by 6:00 PM I would notice that I ate absoloutely nothing and would force myself to eat a shitty small meal and be full afterwards.

I am already considering going to a medical professional but honestly there's probably not much they can do, they can't just say stop having nightmare or start eating more because I physically cannot do that. Atleast the good news is I easily wake up at 6 AM and by 8 AM i'm already at the gym for most of the weekday although with my terrible diet it would not really do much for my muscles so I might need to resort to protein powder.

Wants me dead?

2016-09-25 01:30:58 by Gershon

I was at a place that was about to close and I really needed to get multiple assignments, labs and reading done for school, and I knew that everything in my area is closed, so I messaged my ex about directions to any place that's close by I can go to because she is the only person that I knew who lived in that area. She told me a place close by and was fairly understanding and nice about it.

Later a post on my feed popped up from her basically saying how ex's messaging you are essentialy worse than hitler/bin laden and that really hurt. I really do not know what I did wrong, and I don't know why she would be so hateful to me in such an indirect way without mentioning anything to me. I'm not a psychic, I can't read minds, but i'm not sure if I should just ask directly to see what I did or just remove from my contacts because she resents me so much


Messed up my fingers

2016-09-22 21:37:09 by Gershon

I was building a wooden shelf in my garage and when I pulled out a heavy plywood floor for the bottom level, it immediately slammed down on a 2x4 so my finger was caught between a 2x4 and the plywood, I lost alot of feeling and a bunch of skin got ripped off, I would post a picture but it's pretty gross lol


Rememeber kids, always wear gloves

Late art?...

2016-09-21 22:42:07 by Gershon

Hey everyone, I just want to give a shoutout to my buddies on Skype for bringing me back to this, unfortunately I fergot my password to my old account, but I guess starting fresh is good too. We were originally planning for DevianArt but this has games so why not, and the community is less... intimidating?

I had the flu for several days now, so I don't think I will be able to come out with anything, I don't own a tablet, markers or anything fancy so I just doodle at school on my mechanical pencil. If I decide to stick with this, I may decide to upgrade to markers. I checked out alot of art using the random art button and I can see that people really like their colours so hopefully I will be able to transition too.

Anyways, keep those Skype messages coming I appreciate all of your feedback.